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You may be attracted to this page for several reasons:

  • Thinking of retirement

  • Pending divorce or disseverment of partnership

  • Lack of sufficient working capital

  • Health and family issues

  • Just curious


Regardless of the reason is, as a business owner you have devoted your time, money, and energy to building and running your business. So, selling your business is a major decision and must be evaluated carefully.

Our goal is to help you learn many of the things that you need to know about planning and selling your business. During this process, we will also introduce you to Pro Level Business's exemplary and professional services and show you what you can expect to receive from us.

It's a Great Time to Sell!

There are unprecedented numbers of qualified buyers searching for existing businesses and properly priced businesses are selling fast. However, you are starting with several disadvantages if you plan to sell on your own. Furthermore, the buyers are becoming more sophisticated and frequently hire Business Brokers or other professionals to represent them.

Let's examine your readiness to sell your business on your own:

  • How much do you know about providing credible information to value and price your business, construct and communicate your marketing profile and return on investment to potential buyers in a salable format and in a way that ensures your confidentiality?

  • Are you familiar with available alternatives for structuring deals such as seller financing, SBA loans, earn-outs, leases, royalties, and non-compete contracts?

  • If you are to determine a proper value for your business, the balance sheet and income statements must be recast. Are you aware of the methods required to reorient your financials from the tax minimization view to the discretionary cash flow approach generally used to determine market value?

  • What methods will you use to interview, assess, and qualify interested buyers without being distracted from running your business at peak operating capacity?

  • Are you adequately prepared to negotiate with sophisticated buyers and their professional representatives? Furthermore, how familiar are you with the critical due diligence process that will follow every offer?

These situations and many other required competencies would overwhelm most sellers, especially if you have decided that now is the right time to sell.

Don't do it alone- Pro Level Business can help you!

This is the time when you want the very best professional guidance you can get. This is when working with a Pro Level Business broker can make the difference between just getting rid of the business and selling it for the very best price and on the terms. With over 100 listings and 50 closings a year, we know how to find the right buyer with the best price and terms in the best possible time.

Pro Level Business Advisors is here to help you meet this need. Our brokers are continually trained to be able to provide you, the seller, with the best marketing tools and services available. We can provide services to most businesses, from small, owner-run retail stores to multi-million dollar enterprises that require our expertise in all aspects of mergers and acquisitions. Because we are part of the international Pro Level Business Network of business brokers, we have access to potential buyers and resources from all over the world. Pro Level Business offers you all the competencies you will need to get "The Right Deal Done Right".

Security and Confidentiality - Pro Level Business can market your business without your employees, customers, or competitors knowing that the business is for sale. All inquiries and meetings regarding the sale of your business are confidential and may be scheduled in the evenings or on weekends to ensure confidentiality. Before the exchange of sensitive information, prospective buyers are required to sign a Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreement. This agreement prohibits the prospective buyer from disclosing any confidential or proprietary information on your business.

Price - Our knowledge of the marketplace will help you prepare and price your business for the widest range of potential buyers. By utilizing our free, in-house business valuation system or a third-party, fee-based valuation; you will be assured of setting the right asking price for your business.

Marketing - Utilizing the services of a Pro Level Business broker can speed up the selling process and save you the frustration caused by dealing with marketing details. A description of your business is shared with Pro Level Business offices throughout the world so that hundreds of Pro Level Business offices can present it to their qualified buyers. This type of exposure helps sell your business for the maximum selling price possible. The Pro Level Business Network, by its very nature, helps to ensure the quickest possible sale of your business.

Buyer Qualification - We will find, screen, and financially qualified buyers so that we will bring to you only those buyers for whom buying your business is feasible.

Business Showing - We handle the showing of your business for you, so you can continue to run your business without interruption.

Financing - Pro Level Business will discuss with you the benefits of seller versus third-party financing, helping you choose the option best suited to your needs. We will also assist the buyer in finding financing, if necessary, to get you to the closing table in the shortest amount of time.

Offers - We will accept, present, and help you sort through offers on your business, always working to help you get the best price and terms for sale.

Negotiations - Our skilled Pro Level Business Broker, will be with you through due diligence including the maze of paperwork leading up to the closing, helping you to explain your business and financial operations to the prospective buyer. We provide the buffer between you and the buyer so that the due diligence process can be accomplished with a minimum amount of hassle and confusion.

Closing - We are with you to the closing table, helping you to understand the closing documents and complete a successful sale of your business.


Pay Day We can help you get Maximum Value for YOUR Business!

Let Pro Level Business go to work for you

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