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Many consulting firms focus on one stage of the business lifecycle. ProLevelBusiness is a little different — we work with clients at each stage: start-up, growth and maturity. We also understand the problems small business owners have to deal with every day. Budgets are tight, resources are limited, and a beautiful planning document isn’t worth much if the plan isn’t implemented.

Building a successful, sustainable business is not just about planning. It’s also about execution. Common obstacles to growth are people, technology, and processes. We have experience with all three — getting the right people in place, while using the right technology to execute efficient and effective processes. The following is a partial list of our consulting services. If you have a tough business problem not addressed here, take a look at our management consulting services, or just give us a call.

Just need a few hours of consulting? Try our prepaid two-hour consultation.

Success at Business Requires a Roadmap

  • Strategy Consulting focuses on helping clients establish a clear vision, long term goals, and a road map. We also help clients communicate and execute their plan. This service is primarily for established businesses and non-profit organizations.


  • Feasibility Studies focus on market feasibility, in other words: is there a market for this? We do not perform engineering feasibility studies. We perform a feasibility studies for a wide range of clients, including startups, non-profits, government organizations, and businesses of all sizes.

  • Business Plan services are appropriate for startups and established organizations. Our focus is on consulting, not just writing. If you just want someone to write down your thoughts without questioning assumptions or proposing alternatives, then you are looking for a business plan writer, not a business plan consultant.


  • Marketing Plan services are most appropriate for established small and mid-size businesses, although we occasionally also work with non-profits and startups. Our marketing planning process is structured to provide real value, yet flexible enough to suit almost any business. 

  • Market Research is individually tailored to each specific client situation. Most of our market research projects involve interviews or custom panels. We do not prepare or sell standard industry reports.


  • Exit Strategy services are appropriate for businesses with at least five or ten employees and/or revenue exceeding one million dollars. Common exit strategies include selling the business, private equity recapitalization, gifting (to family members or others), worker cooperative conversions, and others.Audit & Assessment services are designed for small established businesses, but can be adapted to larger businesses (and non-profits) if desired.

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